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Refocusing on “DACA One” Implementation

Hello Friends.

With the timeline for resolution of the lawsuit challenging the President’s November 2014 executive actions extending far into the future, and with less than half of those potentially eligible having taken advantage of the original DACA program, the time is ripe to re-focus on the opportunities available under “DACA One”.

Many of you have expressed interest in attempting some coordinated efforts in September and October that will bolster outreach and assistance related to the DACA program, with special emphasis on “non-traditional” applicants and educational advancement. So far those with broad buy-in include: identifying non-traditional DACA youth as case examples/media interviewees; organizing a press conference to emphasize that the original DACA program is unaffected by the admin relief lawsuit and more than 50% of those potentially eligible still to come forward/apply; and hosting a high-profile local application processing event/information session that includes an adult education/career pathway counseling or system navigation element. Continue reading